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Commission info

#helpful things


Drew a Starfire! She’s transparent uvu



wow lame but puppy alfred

That looks 100% cuter than the real thing omg



additional commission from the Prussia and Canada one! 

Old commission I forgot to upload! Devil!Prussia and angel!Canada 

Magical Girl!brombiie & Magical Boy!tehlittleninja wip 

Changed a few things ahh


What is perspective. 

Refs used for pose, and glass from google image search.

this is stupid hah.wmv

don’t worry there’s sound you just gotta wait for it

wip of Magical Girl/Boy aka brombiie & tehlittleninja

Oh hey look dorks for my favourite dork

Magical girl brombiie!

— Anonymous: u should!! ur art hellA!

Ahh thank you anon /)v(\

I’ll give it a try ovo

2015 USUK Digital Calendar Auditions!


The poll answers were overwhelmingly in favor of doing the calendar, so it’s time for the 2015 USUK calendar audition post! This is the fifth year we’re doing calendars, and like last year it’s going to be a free digital release. 

The calendar will be made up of twelve full sized wallpapers (different screen resolutions will be released). If we have enough in the way of artists, we’ll also do the ‘pocket sized’ mobile calendar like we did last year. If you want a physical calendar, you are of course welcome to print out either of them! 

The schedule for this year’s calendar project is as follows:

  • 9/14-9/28- Auditions Open
  • 9/29-10/5- Voting is open
  • 10/6- Artist assignments are sent out. 
  • 10/6-12/15- A bit more than two months time allotted for artists to complete their pieces. 
  • Mid to late December- Calendar is released for download! 

Please read the audition post carefully! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. You can reply to the lj post (comments are screened) or send me an ask via tumblr. YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE AN LJ TO AUDITION.

Hope to see a ton of great artists! Whether you plan on auditioning or not, I’d love if you could pimp this out. :)

- accioharo



-please click for full view-

Hi there! I’m opening up for commissions as I’m in desperate need of money just like everyone else.

Prices are as above but if there’s something different you want then I’m flexible and we’ll figure it out! 

I prefer to keep it in Hetalia but shoot me an ask if you want something else and I’ll see if I can do it! I’m willing to do OCs as well but not without reference - a description is not enough.

I only accept paypal, sorry!

If you’re interested message me here (bevare of Tumblr eating asks) or email me on mieaple.leaf@gmail.com - If I do not reply within 24 hours on here, try sending another ask as Tumblr probs ate it.

For additional examples click here or check my art tag! 

If you would share this as well that would help out a lot, thank you!

Updated prices!